Our Counsellors

LifeLine Ekurhuleni would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the volunteer counsellors (Telephone, Outreach, Duduza, Ikhaya Lethemba and Victim Support).  Without each of you and your contribution to LifeLine Ekurhuleni we would not be able to operate our services and provide such a valuable contribution to the Ekurhuleni community.  You each bring your passion, time and support to the tasks you fulfil and for that LifeLine Management, Staff and Ekurhuleni community members are grateful!

24hr Counselling Volunteers

I am a LifeLine Ekurhuleni volunteer, which makes me feel very privileged and humble, when people share their stories with me.”
24 Hour Crisis Line Volunteer
What is it like to be a counsellor?  “It is very, very special.  It’s exhilarating and incredibly moving to be there to talk to someone in distress who needs a non judgmental and empathetic person to talk to.  It can be challenging and scary at times but the feel-good factor is immense, there can be only a tiny number of functions that have this level of task satisfaction.”
Chairman of LifeLine Ekurhuleni – 2009/2011
Being a volunteer for LifeLine has been an enriching experience – I feel I’ve received more than I’ve given over the years.  I’m thankful to all the callers for what they’ve taught me about life.  I’m also thankful for the good friends I’ve made at LifeLine.”
24 Hour Crisis Line Volunteer – 20 years of Dedication to LifeLine Ekurhuleni.
“In this dry, cruel world LifeLine stands out as a refuge.  A place where for a moment I can lay my burdens down and rest awhile.  Leaning for support on the compassionate, listing, non-judgemental, understanding heart of fellow LifeLiners.  And then to stand up again feeling refreshed, filled with a sense that the world and life have seemingly endless opportunities, and the knowledge that I can face another day.”
24 Hour Crisis Line Volunteer – 10 years of Dedication to LifeLine Ekurhuleni.

Victim Support Volunteers

Some words of thanks for the supervision and training LifeLine has provided: “Most caring people, from diverse personalities, that have taught me a lot and have learned a lot from them.”
Victim Support Volunteer
Based in Springs
They have provided skills and they empowered us a lot.
Victim Support Volunteer
Based in Tsakane
LifeLine develops oneself and the community.  LifeLine offers warmth, care, support, knowledge and opportunities.
Victim Support Volunteer
Based in Daveyton
Improved our skills and have provided knowledge to us.  I have gained a lot through them and have provided growth for us
Victim Support Volunteer
Based in Dawn Park

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